I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for Pikes Peak Sober Living Homes and homes like this that are available for people like myself. You can't really "sum" something like this up. There are so many benefits. It's a home for me and to so many others. I have made close friends who I can truely say I love. This place provides the right amout of structure, yet just enough freedom. We kind of "grow up" all over again - but in a very nurturing way. We are called out on our old manipulative behaviors, but with love and respect. It's safe, it's stable, and full of support and direction. I wouldn't have hope if this place wasn't here.

- Cynthia D.

My life felt empty and hopeless until I took a leap of faith and moved into the Pikes Peak Sober house. I often considered myself too young to have a problem with substances and attributed my problems to everything except myself. I didn't realize exactly how far my bad habits took me from the norm until I found out how much I thrived being sober. This house provided me with structure, support, and the desire to become a better person. I have gained so much in my life starting with my sanity, freedom from drugs and alcohol and a great respect for my own life. I am so grateful for Pikes Peak House and the foundation that they have helped me build towards a limitless future.

- Jen B.

I entered into the Pikes Peak Sober Living house on 11/6/09. I was hopeless, broken and didn't think I deserved a chance to be sober. After lots of attempts I knew in my heart I would give sobriety everything I had. I needed structure in my life and to be around people that were just like me. I learned how to love myself and to trust in the fellowship of alcoholics anonymous. I have been sober for 2 years and have a great support system. Now I give the new girls support when they come in because all my hard work made me a manager of the Pikes Peak house. Now I have the chance to help the girls that were just like me and I wouldn't change it for the world.

- Victoria P.